Drivers License Practice Test
მართვის მოწმობის გამოცდის პრაქტიკული ტესტი

We bring to your attention examination problems for preparation for theoretical examinations on the right of management of vehicles of categories .A-B.. The program is intended for check of your knowledge of rules of traffic, and also training before a passing examinations in motor licensing and inspection department, therefore, you at any moment can look the comment to a current question.

Practice questions do not appear on the actual test.
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We are glad to you to give possibility to master a traffic rule! For successful passage of examinations to a driving school - we recommend to you to master attentively a traffic rule before you will get for a wheel of the car.
საიტზე გამოყენებული მასალის საავტორო უფლებები ეკუთვნის მათ მფლობელებს